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Membership of the Society enables communication and collaboration with fellow practitioners and entitles you to a range of benefits. The Society is the main Professional Body for individuals working as forensic practitioners, academics, researchers and in related professions in the UK and is considered to be the 'international voice of forensic science'.

The most valued asset of the Society is our members, and we currently have over 2,500 members worldwide. However, we would like to welcome more forensic professionals / students / enthusiasts as members. The larger the pool of forensic expertise, the richer the communication and collaboration , thus leading to effective sharing of best practice and research findings and subsequent progression within the various fields of forensic science.


Prior to becoming a Professional Body, there were two categories of membership: Student and Ordinary Member. On becoming a Professional Body in 2004, we developed four membership categories according to various criteria. At this time, Ordinary Members automatically became Affiliates and were invited to apply for Profesional Membership. A summary comparison between the different membership criteria is as follows:

Membership levelQualifications required?Experience required?Other requirements?
Member√ min 2 years occupational or 3 years lecturingX
Fellow√ min 2 years
Accredited Forensic Practitioner√ min 3 years

Membership is granted by the Society memberships and ethics committee (MEC) and on acceptance each member pays an annual subscription fee. The current annual membership fees are listed below, but it is important to note that if you become a member during the year (Nov-Oct), you are only required to pay for the remainder of the year, not the whole year. For retired persons there is a reduced fee.

Membership levelNon-refundable application FeeJoining in Nov, Dec, JanJoining in Feb, Mar, AprJoining in May, June, JulyJoining in Aug, Sept, Oct,
Accredited Forensic Practitioner£25£165*n/an/an/a

* The fee stated is the annual fee. 
**The annual fee for retired members is £40 irrespective of membership category. To qualify for retired membership fees, you must no longer be drawing a salary and should not be undertaking paid work as a consultant.  Written confirmation of this should be provided to the Membership Administrator.

Our preferred method of payment is direct debit and we apply a discount of £3.50 to fees made this way.  If you would like to take advantage of this please fully complete the form and return to the Society office - we will need a paper copy as banks do not accept copies of signatures.

Re-joining the Society

The Society will normally allow any lapsed member the opportunity to re-join at the level they left providing this occurs within two years of the lapsed subscription renewal date (1st November. All renewing members are required to forward the appropriate membership fee, plus £20 re-join fee and Personal declaration to the office for processing.

Lapsed members who fall outside of the two year period are normally required to submit a new application, a processing fee of £25 and the appropriate membership fee to the Society’s offices. In exceptional circumstances an application to waive this requirement may be considered at the discretion of the Membership Committee.


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